At The Kindred Studio, we’re passionate about crafting stylish, quality-made garments. But we don’t believe fashion should come at any price. We’re not willing to sacrifice our principles, or shut out the person who doesn’t feel that they are privileged enough to buy with their conscience.
Fortunately, we’ve found an approach that works. We source material from ethical factories, manufacture locally, set narrow price margins, manage our resources and space efficiently—and share our entire process with you transparently.

  • We choose to document and share stories from our overseas factories and local sewers.
  • We choose to cultivate strong relationships with all of our partners.
  • We choose to conduct globally recognized ethical audits of our suppliers.
  • We choose to run our studio in the same community that we live in and love with all our hearts.

Choosing the right overseas suppliers is the key to making quality clothing that is affordable for more than the most privileged. We are proud to say that we have worked with the same knitting mill in China for over two years.

Our mill supplies us with the beautiful, carefully constructed textiles we need to make our clothing. China is a world leader in producing sustainable fabrics from sources like bamboo, soy, and organic cotton. And our factory doesn’t engage in any of the practices that have marred the reputations of other overseas operations.

We know this because we have chosen to hire a third-party auditor to ensure our mill operates ethically. According to this audit, our mill:

  • Has a strong culture of health and safety
  • Practices good waste management
  • Doesn’t use child labour
  • Pays fair wages and benefits
  • Sets hours appropriately
  • Maintains good labour practices
We visit our sewers almost every single day. Watching our clothing come to life in the hands of passionate makers never gets old. And knowing that our business is enhancing the character of the historic downtown neighbourhood we live in makes us proud.

Seeing our neighbours—families with beautiful, playful, ever-growing children—wear our clothing makes us even prouder. When we design, we think about the busy, vibrant lives our friends and family are leading. We create pieces that will stand up to the wear and tear of all that living, and get passed on again and again.

So how do we help them? By setting the lowest possible margins. Our low overhead and strategic utilization of every resource and square foot of space help us to do that. Our prices are high enough to be fair, and support our family and partners. But they’re a far cry from the inflated margins you’ll find in most other brands.

Finally, it’s our privilege to shine a light on the causes we support with part of the proceeds from our sales. These organizations are carrying out work that aligns with our vision of a kinder and more just world.

Plan International – Because I Am A Girl

Because I Am A Girl is a global initiative working to end gender inequality and promote girls’ rights. By educating, empowering, and caring for girls in the developing world, we can fight poverty. Studies show that when girls are healthy, safe, and educated, they will work to raise the standard of living in their communities.

Youth Unlimited – Young Families

Young Families is an initiative to provide a safe, caring, and supportive environment for parenting youth, aged 12 to 24. By committing long term to these young parents, Young Families helps them to become the best dads, moms, spouses, friends and community members they can be.

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